Malene Markussen: Dypere Dypere

Oslo, December 2018.

This was one of the coolest projects I’ve done. The song of Malene Markussen is absolutely brilliant and it has hit the Spotify’s charts in Norway.

The location where we filmed is just as spooky as it looks. There were all kinds of peculiar noises. Before we started filming, I worked with lights for a long time to get exactly the feeling we had in mind. I filmed the video with one take – that’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. We filmed it 9 times, and this take was the last. Because the image is so minimalistic, I had plenty of room to do experiments on post production.

Hope you like it!

Script: Hannu Aaltonen & Malene Markussen
Filming & post production: Aaltonen
Song: Markussen