Malene Markussen: Slipp meg inn, w/ Susanne Karin Moe

I’ve made a few music videos for Oslo-based singer-songwriter Malene Markussen before, and it’s always a great pleasure working with her.

You can hear some 80’s/90’s synth sounds in the song. I also wanted the video to have the look of the same era. I focused on catching the small details of facial expressions of the actors.

And what a crew we had! Actors Susanne Karin Moe, Silje Staum and Peder Lauvås did an amazing job.

Music: Malene Markussen
Actors: Susanne Karin Moe, Silje Staum and Peder Lauvås.
Story: Malene Markussen
Directed by Malene Markussen & Hannu Aaltonen
Film and edit: Hannu Aaltonen